Lights, Camera, Nobody move!
by susan dayley in

This morning I had to make some life altering, crucial decisions. Should I wear a skirt? What color of polish should I put on my toes? Straight hair or curled? At nine am I had an appointment to film an interview about Redemption. It will air on the local cable channel for Spanish Fork City and I was as nervous as if it were some national show.

The show is called “Turning the Page” and it's host is the local “Confetti Antiques & Books” owner, Donnie Morris. Today Donnie interviewed a local new author. Me. Bryce Walker, who my husband knew from the HC in our last stake showed up to film it. They exchanged greetings and spend a moment of ‘catch up.’

I wandered around between the tightly squeezed mementoes from other people’s lives while the men talked and set the scene. I was enchanted by the pink glass ware, intrigued with the forgotten old buttons, but it was a sled high up on a dusty ledge that stoped me. A sled like I used to plunge headfirst down a hill on. The kind with metal runners and hints of red paint. I knew it wouldn’t match my d├ęcor, still, I have a shelf above my fireplace where it would have fit... Mark just shook his head.

They asked me to sit down on a butter-cream leather sofa. My skirt was a bit short when I sat, but Bryce assured me that he would only film the top half anyway. So much for my new silver toes.

We stumbled through a few takes. Sometimes they started something over. Sometimes I did. Nobody stoped when my voice gave out. That part will probably be in the final cut. And the part where I said I’d never go back to Idaho. That was not true. I would live in Idaho in a heart beat if I could. But reality is that I probably never will again. But ‘they’ are from Utah and they like it, so it will probably stay.

Well it is done and there won’t be any retakes now. In two Saturdays I’ll be back to sign books if anyone shows up on their lunch hour. Maybe I should serve Lasagna. And great Aunt Verla’s chocolate cake. With fudge frosting. Hmm. I wander if I should put that in the press releases?

Redemption Book Signing: Saturday, February 27, Confetti Books and Antiques, 273 N. Main Street, Spanish Fork, 12-2pm. Come for the chocolate.


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