Making the trailer for Redemption
by susan dayley in

The first time I saw the Youtube video Lost Generation was a couple of weeks ago. It captured my attention and immediately I began to consider the possibilities of using that concept but applying it to a book trailer for Redemption. It was late at night, but I couldn’t get the ideas that started to flow to settle down. I got up from bed, turned on the light and wrote down the first draft right then. My script was much shorter, more like a poem than a statement of belief. Also whereas Lost Generation is about a change in perspective, Redemption is more about a man who made the wrong choice, and fled from God. Then when he meets the darkness such choices inevitably lead to, he found he could still reverse his life.

I pictured the words in the trailer leading to the darkness in the depths of the sea and then when they reversed, climbing back into the light. I found out that this is not as easy to do as it sounds. The first attempt at the trailer was a different interpretation but fortunately the producers were generous in what they charged for their time spent. The budget for this project had to be kept very tight. Next, through various connections of knowing someone who knew someone, we found Lance Halladay (love the email address!—favorite places and favorite month). Lance had the program needed to create my vision. We purchased some video, sound, and music clips to send him. Then our good friend Roger Tuckett recorded the voice for us in his sound studio. He did one recording of himself and one of our other friend, the author Todd Cope (aka The Man with the Voice.) We sent them both off to Lance. Lance found he could work with Todd’s recording the best. (Todd also wrote a review for me on and that I may use in other promotion materials as well.)

I love the results! Redemption Trailer

And although Redemption takes us beyond the belly of the fish, the whole story is basically about a man who found how to turn his life completely to God. The story of Jonah also reminds me that at any stage of our life or progression, there are still lessons to learn.


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