My father-in-law's cousin's friend
by susan dayley in ,

I love the feedback I am getting from my book. My daughter is reading it aloud every night to my unborn granddaughter. Just think, the voice is her mother’s but the words are mine and the scriptures.

My father, who rarely is able to say to his children how pleased he is with them (I think it’s just too intimate an experience for him), has written to me to say how much he is enjoying my book.

My father-in-law who rarely if ever reads a book, has read it cover to cover. He talked to Mark about it on the phone for over ½ an hour. He wrote a cousin about it and she has ordered one He got her so enthused with it, that before she has even received her copy she had another friend ordering one also.

My sister has a friend who has requested a signed copy. (It’s her favorite bible story.) And another sister is traveling through canyons and snow for over an hour with her six children to come to my book signing. These acts and so many others cause me to feel blessed. And loved. And thankful.


Bree D said...

I just discovered your website, read about your book, and plan to get a copy ASAP. Congratulations!!!!

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