New Year New Blog
by susan dayley in

Truth is I like January. It has something to do with the fact that I'm a morning person. Each day for me begins filled with possibilities and a 'clean slate'. I do tend to set impossible tasks for myself to achieve, but I also do it with great expectations and joyful anticipation. So it is with January. Oh sure it's cold and gray, and we all start to get 'cabin fever', but its also the beginning of a new year! New possibilities and once again a second chance (for the umpteenth time) to create a better me. So like all the other naive idealists I set resolutions. I shared some of mine for this year with a friend and he said, "I didn't know resolutions could be fun!" Why not! For example: Resolution #4 Climb a local mountain again. He reconsidered and created a list that included a new camera to record some of the places that now made his list.


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