The Loopy Hours of the Night
by susan dayley in

I know for many it's not all that late, but for me I should have been asleep long ago and definitely not trying to write something coherant. The reason I'm still up though is that I have just finished my final final final read through of my little book before it goes to press. It was supposed to have gone to press in December (or was that November?), but delays and holidays have recalendared it to this week. (Whoa, is that a word: recalendared? I am tired.) Anyway its the story of Jonah and it will probably be titled 'The Terrible City' I am excited and very appreciative of all the help my publishers have done in getting the book to this point. I'm nearly half-way through my life and I'm finally getting around to doing what I've always wanted to do: write.


The Dayleys said...

I love it mom!! :) It looks like you'll get the hang of this blog thing in no time at all :) I look forward to reading all your posts :) !!!!

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