sugar and spice
by susan dayley in

Life went on hold in a good way last week when my granddaughter was born three weeks before the anticipated date. Kennady Suzanna is beautiful (and I'm not just saying this because I'm her grandmamma). I am not one to hold other people's babies and ooh and aah over them just to be polite--but something happens when I am holding Kennady and I am unable to stop staring at her. Also, I'm finding that becoming a grandmamma I'm not embarrassed about many of the inconsequential blunders of life any more. For instance, sometimes after holding her, then being compelled to give her up for awhile, I would find myself still swaying side to side. Even in public settings. No problem people. You can stare at the crazy lady talking nonsense to a sleeping child or getting excited over flower head-bands, but just know her arms are happy.
I may have to write a grandmother into my next book.


Amanda said...

She is lucky to have you for her grandma! It is fun to read this post, but it was even more fun to hear you talk about last time I saw you. Congrats. You make a beautiful grandma.

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