Allowing Happiness
by susan dayley in

Happiness can be elusive. There is a mistaken thought that happiness can be had from an event, a place, or the touch of another person. Yet after these moments are gone, rather than creating lasting moments to treassure, too often the fleeting pleasure is gone also, because other emotions get in the way. Happiness isn’t so much something new we create, as what comes when we let go of emotions that are hindering it. Guilt, remorse or resentment for past choices, worry about the future, and disappointment or stress about today can lead to depression or anxiety.

Happiness comes when we eliminate guilt through repentance, resentment through forgiveness, and disappointment by being grateful. For remorse, either do something or forget about what we didn’t do. And nothing gets the best of stress like laughter or love.

However most of these are easier said than done. I know someone who harbors so much resentment for another person that they have begun to imagine and believe events as being worse than they actually occurred. This person is not only destroying their own happiness, but marring the happiness of several family members. But if they would just forgive and let go…

Perhaps that is why happiness seems elusive. The best answer is to turn to God in prayer, yet our own selves get in the way. It can be pride that prevents a submissive heart, or fear and doubt that prevents our trusting an unseen being. But if we can, if we can truly trust, submit, and believe, then we can be healed. It can take time, but the release is cleansing. And happiness does come.


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